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Sloppy Seconds

November 4, 2022 @ 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

On stage on given evenings at world famous Sloppy Joe’s, you will encounter a chance to laugh real, belly laughs, sing along abandonedly to your favorite songs, and be downright entertained by the musical duo/trio “Sloppy 2nds”. Named because they are simply the second musical performers of the day, there is nothing Sloppy or second place about their ability to take you away on a musical journey to absolute fun! 

  Composed of former Jimmy Buffet sound man-turned percussionist Larry Strickland and Pete Jarvis of the Platinum CD selling Sloptone recording artists “Pete and Wayne”…. “Sloppy 2nds” is a whop hollering, sing-fest that will trigger great musical memories….they’ll have you swaying back and forth, your tired feet tapping, and could even get the shiest of folks up on their feet dancing…. “Sloppy 2nd’s” music is a walk through decades of trop-rock, classic Rock, Modern country, pop, blues, and island music….(you name it, they’ll play it) all presented as an invitation for you to let your hair down and celebrate being in Key West, a place where nobody knows you, after all, you’re at the best party in town!

Phone: (305) 294-5717
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