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Just for Fun

Fun Things To Know…

  • Sloppy Joe’s is listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • The Sloppy Rita was named “Best Margarita” in Florida by reader of Florida Monthly Magazine.
  • Two Cuban National Record fish hang in the bar – one is a Marlin which is 569 lbs. caught by author Phil Caputo, and the second is a Dolphin which is 67.5 lbs. caught by the Sloppy Joe’s Fishing Team in 1998.
  • A second huge Marlin hangs on the picture wall.
  • The picture wall inside Sloppy Joe’s features photos of Hemingway throughout his life.
  • The winners of Sloppy Joe’s Hemingway Look-Alike Contests fill another picture wall at the Satellite Bar.
  • The airplane propeller, which hangs over the Main Bar, was from one of the first PAN AM flights between Key West and Havana.
  • March 15, 2008 Kenny Chesney first performed at Sloppy Joe’s for 4 hours and 20 minutes. Chesney’s second unannounced show was March 14, 2009 taking the stage for 2 hours and 30 minutes. His third performance “Kenny in The Keys” show was March 16, 2016, performing 3 hours and 15 minutes, Eric Church and Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey joined Kenny on stage.
  • Billy Currington and his band performed a 90 minute show at Sloppy Joe’s December 5, 2009.


Sloppy Joe’s, originally named the “Blind Pig,” opened in what year?2022-09-15T17:01:03-04:00


How long has Sloppy Joe’s been located at Duval and Greene Streets?2022-09-15T17:01:43-04:00

Since 1937.

Who suggested to Josie Russell (original owner) that he rename his shabby bar Sloppy Joe’s?2022-09-15T17:02:12-04:00

Ernest Hemingway

What was the name of the 300-pound hearty bartender at Sloppy Joe’s in the ’30s?2022-12-08T06:26:04-05:00

“Big” Skinner

What era was ending when Sloppy Joe’s opened?2022-09-15T17:03:19-04:00


Inside Sloppy Joe’s bar hangs a Cuban record Marlin caught by journalist and author Phil Caputo. How much does it weigh?2022-09-15T17:03:42-04:00

569 pounds.

Ernest Hemingway was born July 21, 1899. Each year around the authors birthday Sloppy Joe’s hold what event?2022-09-15T17:04:04-04:00

The Annual Hemingway Look-Alike contest.

True or False. Sloppy Joe’s has a menu with quality, reasonably priced food.2022-09-15T17:04:24-04:00


True or False. Sloppy Joe’s has live entertainment.2022-09-15T17:04:48-04:00

True. Live entertainment 365 days a year, from Noon to 2:00am each day.

What event does Sloppy Joe’s hold each October during Fantasy Fest?2022-09-15T17:05:20-04:00

Sloppy Joe’s Annual Toga Party

What event does Sloppy Joe’s host each New Year’s Eve?2022-09-15T17:05:40-04:00

Sloppy Joe’s Annual Dropping of the Conch Shell


Fun Fact

The beginning of U.S. 1 in March 1951; U.S. 1 has since been extended to the Monroe County Courthouse in downtown Key West.

Just For Fun

This photo was sent in by a customer seeking the Coconga Cocktail which used to be featured on the outside of Sloppy Joe’s in the early 60s.

Sloppy Joes, Key West, FL

It was September 8, 1978 when late Sidney Snelgrove and the late Jim Mayer became owners of the world-famous watering hole “Sloppy Joe's Bar.”

Fishing Team

The Sloppy Joe’s Fishing Team followed Ernest Hemingway’s tradition by going to Cuba and bringing back THE BIG ONE – a Cuban National Record Dolphin at 67.5 pounds!

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